648 19th (Home Recordings)

by Dylan Boyle

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"648 19th" is a collection of select home recordings made during the winter and fall of 2014 in a very cold apartment in Des Moines, Iowa.

These songs were recorded and some composed while contemplating different philosophical ideas, characters, personal identities and the roles human beings play. During this time, I tried to radically challenge my pre-existing beliefs about humanity, existence, personal morality, God, ego and pursuit of enlightenment - or pursuit of anything at all. But mostly, it was an exercise to forget the unrelenting, unforgivable cold.

Many songs were written as character studies, like ""Quittin' Drinkin'"" and "A Depressing Realization," for characters that never existed. Others were inspired by philosophical ideas, and people, that actually exist, some of which I believe and some of which I don't.

These recordings are rough, made with minimal equipment and scarce overdubs. During some tracks, lead guitar parts skipped upon recording creating unnatural phrases.

I do not intend for these recordings to exist as artistic expression, but more of a document to prove some sort of personal existence in time.


released October 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Dylan Boyle

Dylan Boyle is a solo artist and guitarist from Burlington, Iowa currently residing in Des Moines, Iowa. Born into the blues, Boyle has performed in many bands ranging from traditional blues and jazz, to gypsy punk and progressive metal. Boyle has been praised as a lead guitar player, while his solo work, inspired by existentialism, has largely been ignored, because it's not very good. ... more

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